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Rules / Explanation

Post by . on Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:00 pm

After a certain MapleStory server shut down I needed a place to shitpost
So here it is

Tell your friends about it, esp. the old peeps from the aforementioned unnamed server.

1. No Porn/NSFW content*
2. No illegal programs/torrents/etc
3. No harassment
4. Follow Forumotion rules (tl;dr everything I listed here)
5. Listen to the Moderators/Admins (if there ever are any).  If they say no, then no.  There decisions are final.**
6. If your username breaks any rule I will PM you and give you 24 hours to reply with a new username, otherwise I will change it to a default username.

These rules are subject to change and will probably be changed quite often for a while until things are stable.

*There is no way I can get this enabled in any section. This means no pictures, videos, discussion of, or links to pornographic/NSFW content.  Unless someone wants to give me a XenForo/vB4/vB5 (legitimate) license, there will be no pornographic/NSFW content on this forum for the time being.

**PM me if you have any legitimate staff complaints.  Include evidence.

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